Friday, July 07, 2017

Seminar Availability 2017


A cancellation has opened up a place in our summer schedule.

July 20 & 21 are available for a 2 day language & culture seminar.
(Thursday/Friday 2017)

There are 2 course options:

--If you have never held one of our seminars, we suggest the first of the series which is a 2 day course is designed to set Cherokee Second Language Learners on the right path for success in speaking.

--If you have participated in one of our introductory seminars, we now offer a second seminar that brings the speaker further into the language as well as provides necessary instruction for participants to begin teaching others.

The suggested minimum donation for this 2 day seminar is $800 and a request for additional provided lodging, meals and travel costs. (lodging and meals are requested for the evening prior and throughout the seminar).

This will generally be for one person and no more than 2 of our staff volunteers will ever be presenting.

We generally receive more for a 2 day seminar, but since a non-refundable deposit accompanied this time slot, we are offering this for the remaining amount, which may make it more affordable for your group this year.

Contact us for more information if you are interested in scheduling this time for your own.
tsasuyed (at@) gmail 
(replace that email address with proper format in order to send email; this format shown helps us to slow down the spammers a tad)

That time does not fit your group's schedule?  We still have some unfilled summer timeslots left --but not very many.

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