Friday, October 23, 2009

a young kid criticized the sharing of the language... she is a student too but she [apparently] didn't feel someone outside her own tribe [ebci] should be posting links to videos on the language... even videos others have posted... even tho the person on the video is aware of the video and of my link and is a good friend of our family.
so i spoke to some of the elders who have been assisting me...
what i was told was...
'KEEP doing it. Someone has to'
and that is what i'll do...
i started this as a way to keep records of what i've learned.. personal just for me... but someone else asked to see it and it grew...
all along i have been asking others to do this... others who know more and have more time..
that is still what i ask
if you know ANY words.. please ... share them, speak them, use them...
each word spoken is kept alive.
only when the words are silent do they die.
please... speak cherokee!
i know that this language is more important than my feelings or how people perceive me.
if you can..
use cherokee... and if you cannot yet... pick a word and learn that word and use that word.
don't do it for me-- do it for the future--do it for the language.
the old quote is true
"if not you, then who?"
NOTE-- update! I recently learned this girl is POSING as an EBCI member! she is NOT! and she is NOT enrolled in ANY TRIBE- neither state nor federal!!!!! BUT she conducts herself as if she is!!!!!!