Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dialects.... there are still MANY different ways of saying the "same" word in the Cherokee language- depending on where you live or even who your family is-- The main ones tend to be: --- 1 Western (Oklahoma, Arkansas and so on)- which uses the J sound a LOT! (And is similar to the dialect my grandma Agnes spoke when she named me Ja-shu-yed) and ---- 2 SNOW BIRD (Robbinsville) which to me, sounds almost exactly like western-- the idioms are different, but many of the words still sound exactly the same and the syllabary is almost exactly the same --- and 3 Qualla- how most folks in Cherokee,NC on the Qualla-- Speak -- and finally 4 what my friend called Giduwa-- or what some call "Cover" (for Big Cove) You will immediately notice that the words I posted on my videos are NOT like what most Cherokee speak. I did this to 1)honor the person who took time to talk with me and 2)to keep me from forgetting these words because I have not found very many people (can count on 1 hand) who still speak this way. I just wanted to clarify that because so many people contact me and tell me they "never heard" it said this way-- you probably have not-- this is a very -extremely- obscure dialect. sgi!