Thursday, July 13, 2017

En Espanol!

Someone contacted us and as a reminder, requested a re-post of the link to the Bilingual Cherokee/Spanish website.

That site is under construction still but here is the link as requested:

And of course, we always need volunteers for this project and others.

To help,

simply select the website page you wish to work on.

Copy the URL of that page onto wordpad or notepad and also copy the website selection's information to wordpad or notepad and compare the words to an original source document such as a printed Cherokee Bible and either a KJV English Bible or, in the case of the Spanish page, the Reina-Valera (1960).

You can find those online at Biblegateway.

Once you have copied the website selection onto notepad or wordpad, make corrections that are needed.

After you make corrections, please

help us to know which -of any-- corrections needed with a highlighted text color and copy that text into an email and send to our email address along with a copy of the URL of that particular page you are making corrections to for us.

That's all there is to it!

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