Thursday, September 17, 2015

Alive or Dead? Its really up to YOU!

Everyone has a different defintion or TEST for whether or not Cherokee is a "living" or a "dead" language.

But, there is really a very simple way to tell:


a language must be spoken by
at ALL TIMES in the Community-

if you don't hear it spoken this way-
then that language is DEAD.

Dead languages are reserved for certain special occasions;

Dead languages are only spoken by a select few people,

and use of a dead language is restricted to a particular place or location

NOW that you know how to tell if its alive or dead---

PLEASE don't let YOUR language DIE!

Keep it alive- speak it EVERYWHERE to EVERYONE

See, for your language to LIVE-- it must be USED everyday, all the time, everywhere by EVERYONE.

Start speaking Cherokee today.

Even if you only know ONE WORD use that ONE WORD every time you can instead of its English Equivalent.

This language can live.

it just needs your breath!

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