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Largest ONLINE free Cherokee Textbook

Largest ONLINE free Cherokee Textbook
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Did you know?

Prentice Robinson, Cherokee Author & fluent speaker,

suggests that everyone who wants to seriously study Cherokee Language
use the published Cherokee Bible.

Robinson has said on many occasions:

"The New Testament remains the basic text of the
Cherokee language containing the most nearly complete vocabulary."

The Cherokee New Testament and the portions of the Old Testament were proofread and approved by MORE THAN 1000 Fluent Cherokee speakers?

Each month, beginning in 1844, Evan Jones began publishing "the Cherokee Messenger".

On a monthly basis, 1000 copies were printed and distributed.

Portions of the Bible (and eventually even John Bunyan's book "Pilgrim's Progress") were placed in these monthly editions.
As these were received and read, the feedback on them from the Cherokee was used to improve the translations.
In 1846, the entire New Testament was reprinted.
Evans also printed and distributed Hymns in this manner, along with a "Book for Mothers".

This process ensured that the texts were proof read and approved and corrected by fluent Cherokee speakers before the final publication was printed.


To see for yourself:
I suggest you begin with this short book
This is a very short (14 verses) book with simple language and it includes a vocabulary assist on the page as well.

Also, you can use the "SEARCH" box at the top right of the webpage and enter either syllabary or English (If you enter phonetics, you need to enter with the "-" hyphens between syllables) and you can find any word on the website.

for other books, you can find them in the links at
That is the OFFICIAL home page of the Cherokee Bible Project.

For Language lessons- see the OLDER blog on applying for a grant position to learn -- Free Cherokee Lessons

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