Friday, March 27, 2015

Seeing Cherokee words.....

The addition of Cherokee Syllabary to sign posts / street signs - has received a small bit of attention.
I agree it needed to be done.
[however I wish the syllabary was the larger on the signs and the English was the smaller and below the syllabary]

The idea is that we need to see MORE uses of Cherokee Syllabary.
I recently was handed a card from a federally recognized Cherokee person.
Very little on the card would indicate this person was Cherokee.
Oh yes, it identified the tribe, their enrollment, and their name but it was ALL IN ENGLISH!
None of the important stuff was written in Cherokee syllabary; it was ALL in ENGLISH!

If this language is going to thrive and not just survive or barely make it, then EVERYTHING needs to prominently display Cherokee syllabary.

Sure, ok, as a concession, translate it somewhere in English, but put the PRIMARY information on your membership cards in SYLLABARY at least!

Cherokee language needs to move from the 'sometimes' used status it has been relegated to and return to a position of prominent use if it is to thrive.

Its not enough for a few places and people to use it.  Everyone needs to get involved.

a quick way you can help?  write Facebook and demand they allow the transliteration of English profile names into Cherokee Syllabary

Facebook, Inc.,
ATTENTION:  Profile Names in Cherokee
PO Box 10005,
Palo Alto, CA 94303

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