Sunday, March 29, 2015

Most Basic piece...

heard at the water cooler:

"given the chance to use the language on the most basic item of Cherokee identity, the tribal card, the opportunity is missed" BW

There are many groups, organizations and 501c3's that claim to be Cherokee.

Do their membership cards have Cherokee on them?

What are we putting on this most basic item of identity?
Not just the name of the card-- but the name of the PERSON on the card-- is that also in Cherokee?

Having Cherokee on an ID card is not much-- but
it is a start.
as a concession,
Sure, lets put BOTH English and Cherokee but let us get the Cherokee on there.

Whether its in Syllabary, like I will use when I sign this blog with, or in Phonetics.
But lets use Cherokee on the basic ID card if we are going to try to claim to be Cherokee

Without your language-- you are not Cherokee.


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