Thursday, September 25, 2008

language learning tips

1---Listen listen Listen
cherokee has sounds that are very different than English.
so take time and LISTEN.

I was told to listen at least 21 times before I even try to say a new word.

I tell you, it took a long time for me to hear it right much less say it right.

the more i heard it --the more i heard in it.

2--- speak it-- & LISTEN! i suggest that after you listen to each video a few 20 or 30 times, (you can hit replay at the end)that you go &
get yourself the audacity program and record YOURSELF saying it-- then compare.
Listen again to mine, then listen to yours. IF possible-- find a speaker living in Big Cove and speak with them. If you cannot speak with a native giduwa speaker, then by all means record yourself on Audacity or some other program and listen to yourself. Rerecord if you make a mistake.

it really does help!

3-- Immerse yourself-- turn off the tv & radio and play the videos over and over. Get the eastern dialect as the only thing you hear for a couple of hours per day. A friend of mine burned them to a cd and plays it while he does work in the house and while he drives around in his truck. He is sounding OSD! (Great!)

4--commit yourself to using the cherokee words you DO know in with your english (or other language) revert to english when you don't know the cherokee word but if you DO know the cherokee word, USE IT.

5-- when you know a word /phrase- and you have verified it with a native speaker-- and it is in the Eastern Dialect-- make your own youtube video so that others can learn it.

oh--and one more thing-- no matter what your taste or preference is in music-- listen to the songs too-- they contain the words and the sounds. There is also something about singing that makes the mind/brain remember better. So even if you don't like the songs, sing them for the language.

for more info on the eastern dialect just scroll down this page

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