Thursday, July 20, 2017

Learning to read Sequoyan Script

Learning to read Sequoyah's script is important because

--each syllable is a morpheme and it DOES have meaning that you need to know and understand how to use

--the written meaning remains the same no matter the differences in pronunciation or dialects

--old documents are available that will help you learn the language faster if you know how to read them

--fewer speakers are available to study with and work with and it is vital that original source documents be accessible to you for learning

--literacy develops the brain's use of syntax and grammar almost "unconsciously" as opposed to untold hours of agonizing study 

--literacy develops better speakers and is the first step on the path to real fluency

--the cultural significance of Sequoyah's Syllabary masterpiece only becomes fully realized once one can read it

But-- how do we learn to read?

Many, many friends have tried this and told me THIS WORKS!

First, they attend our workshop on syllabary and then -- on a daily basis-- they write out a song we share in that syllabary workshop AND

they watch specific videos we have posted on YOUTUBE.

We have decided that

although it is important to go to the seminar
although the song that is written out daily is important too

we decided to SHARE that specific set of videos (minus 2 that are only available to workshop participants) with EVERYONE who watches YOUTUBE.

So- you may not have the seminar or the song but you CAN write out the syllabary using a chart.

So do that daily 



 - and SING ALONG!- 3x a day every day
Sing these songs in the playlist while READING along with the screen
--do this--

Of course, you could

-- in addition to using your flashcards and writing out the syllabary as you say the pronunciations-- every day-- and you WILL learn to read. 

Join this with our workshop we offer and you will become literate in Sequoyan Syllabary. Contact Cherokee Bible Project to set up a workshop for your group. 

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