Thursday, June 22, 2017

A note about DIALECTS


The Cherokee Bible was produced in the dialect used in middle Tennessee in the area from Ross' Landing (present day Chattanooga) to the Running water towns (up around Jasper, TN) and over to Snowbird (the Robbinsville, NC area).  

To use the Bible in western dialect of Oklahoma no significant changes need to be accommodated.

However, to use the Bible in the Eastern Dialect of the Big Cove area, you need to know the following:

snowbird and Oklahoma use the top row (as shown below)
but eastern (Big cove) does not.

For the same sounds in western, the Eastern dialect only uses the 2nd row as shown below

Swapping out the syllable from one to the other will not change the meaning of the word except in words that were changed after the Female and male seminaries changed the spelling of some words (see the Levi Gritts original dictionary for those words) but more on that in another post.
dlatla tle tli tlotlutlv
tsa tse tsi tsotsutsv

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