Thursday, August 06, 2015

Too Rude to say-- but what if someone says it to YOU?

this word /phrase I will write about today is actually way too rude to say!

I do not advise you ever use it!

but, in discussing it recently, a friend asked me

"what if someone says it to YOU?"  the idea being, wouldn't I need to know what they just said to me?

well, possibly, but most Cherokee speakers are way too polite to say this TO YOU.

however, just in case,

here it is:
written form:
/tsa-ne-du/  /tsanedu/

spoken form:
tsanedu or occasionally tsandu

it literally is calling YOU a FOOL /Idiot
and is in the strongest possible language for calling YOU directly to your face, a fool.

as my uncle used to say "them are fightin' words!"

don't use it!

but now you know it if you ever hear it said.

oh, if someone is saying it about somebody else, it changes of course to the "u" pronoun prefix for "s/he/it is a"

again, this is much too rude to say even if you are not saying it to someone's face directly!

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