Friday, June 05, 2015

Syllabary Wooden Blocks!

A gift arrived yesterday!
A dear someone knew I was wishing for the "uncle goose" syllabary blocks and they sent me 3 sets!

They arrived nicely packaged and with a handy chart showing what font style each one has!

Hubby was here to help me and together, we laid them out in order- and I am thrilled with how they look and feel!

The design is very high quality!

it was fun to sort through them all!
I am so happy with my gift!

That being said, if you are going to order some for yourself-- or for a friend--
may I suggest?

buy 4 sets- at least!

That is the only way you will have enough blocks to display each one of the syllabary symbols, the 15 word pictures, and the sides with the numbers.
It is also the only way to have enough blocks to make simple words.

(bigger words? you will need more blocks!!)

So, we had fun with it, and will display it.

It will even feature in some of our upcoming videos we are developing.

As soon as I get another set or two! hint, hint! ;)

another source of syllabary blocks is

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