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this post is adapted from the Forward written by Evelyn Lawson Meeks Verner and the book cover by B. Wilkes, and the website at Cherokee Bible Project,

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 Why is Haggai important?

The tale is tragic and riveting:
A nation is overrun by invaders, who decimate them and take the tiny group of survivors into exile for decades.

They return to find foreign settlers in their homeland, and their attempts to restore their traditional way of life stalls.

Is this Native American History 101?

Sounds like it-- BUT-- this all happened over 2500 years ago an ocean away.

The Jewish remnant had returned from Babylon and began the rebuilding of the walls of the city.  They built the walls in just 52 days, weapons in one hand and tools in the other.

After the walls were secured, they began the building of their own homes and left the temple, the dwelling place of God, in ruins.

Sixteen long years passed and the Temple still lay in desolation, unused and unusable.

Haggai the prophet arrives on the scene and points out the shallowness of their dedication to their Creator.

Their failure to put their Maker first had brought a curse upon their harvests and their lives.

Haggai wanted them to see that Creator had given divine leadership to the obedient leaders whom they should follow.

They didn't think it was the right time to rebuild.  Haggai declared that NOW is the time.

Haggai reminded them that although they were no longer an independent nation, they were still God's people.
as stated by one author:
"Although they were not a nation anymore, they were still God's People" ~Evelyn L. Meeks Verner, BRel., MA.

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