Friday, March 13, 2015

Why Syllabary/ Cherokee Should be allowed as a Profile name

Facebook is currently challenging facebook users on a case by case basis IF their names are written using Cherokee Syllabary. ======================================================= In my case, even though I have provided the 2 forms of id that the Facebook website lists as acceptable proof of use of an authentic name, I have not been allowed back into Facebook and both my account and my husband's have been deleted. ======================================================== My argument with Facebook has gone beyond proof of ID and it is my understanding that this is why we have not been allowed back in even after providing the requisite PROOF of identity. (to see what FB claims to accept- but they are not following their own post-- see this site and notice their promise to delete your information after viewing- you have no way to verify they do that but we sent ours in anyway) ======================================================== My argument with facebook boils down to this-- PEOPLE should be ALLOWED to write their legal names USING Cherokee Syllabary rather than English without having to have matching id (even though I did have that and did provide it) but that it should just need to match transliteration from the Sequoyah syllabary chart to the English Alphabet. Facebook disagreed and then locked me out, even after providing 2 forms of ID as per their site listed above. ========================================================== Some folks have told me to "give up" and just "go along with it" and "just use your English Name" but I counter with "WHY??" why do I need to do that? I don't actually NEED Facebook-- but if Facebook does NOT allow profiles in the Cherokee language, then WHY in the WORLD would I want to support their genocide of the language? ========================================================== and folks-- that is what it is-- lets call it what it really is-- if one cannot use a language-- if it ceases to be used- it dies- it is dead- it is gone-- and what facebook is doing is murdering the language every bit as effectively as the boarding schools attempted in the past few centuries and even more effectively-- ========================================================= how are we going to convince the next generation of speakers that the language is valid and viable in this century if they cannot even write their names in the language on social media sites like facebook?

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