Saturday, March 14, 2015

Reviving Language CAN be done! we can DO this!

Did you know?

28 years ago Hawaii had only 50 fluent speakers, but today they have more than 10,000 fluent speakers-- HOW did they do this? The state’s education system supports immersion programs to teach the language throughout school.

“Their language and culture is taught in all grade levels, and into college and university programs—from early childhood education to PhD,” says the press release. “They now have more than 10,000 fluent Hawaiian speakers.”

How can we help increase the use of Cherokee as a language?

Get ready to celebrate!

March 31---- I am asking EVERYONE to commemorate National Indigenous Languages Day--

March 31 is National Aboriginal Languages Day in Canada. Even if you are not Canadian you can still celebrate!

The day has been celebrated by Indigenous Peoples since 1993 as a way to honor the strength and endurance of aboriginal languages and cultures.

Please-- even if you are NOT Canadian-- lets remember the importance of the heart languages of the native people of this continent and let us all Celebrate National Aboriginal Languages Day! You have 2 weeks to get ready!

Plan an event-- get others in your community involved- learn a new word

or try this-- support the effort to get Facebook to allow profile names in Cherokee-- change YOUR profile name to Cherokee syllabary!

The Billboard in Cherokee, NC indicates there are only 218 Cherokee speakers left in western North Carolina. Help us increase that number!

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