Sunday, March 08, 2009


Someone asked-- who taught me?

well the good stuff-- the stuff I do /say right -- all the credit for the GOOD

goes to many folks--
however, the mistakes are not theirs!

the blame, for me not remembering or speaking as well as I ought lies squarely with me...

but the credit i give to those who have loved me and worked with me and basically put up with me for all these years!

So EQUA sgi to the following folks: Edohi aka Walker Calhoun who spoke with me and challenged me for more than 6 years and kept making me say it "Shgwo" (Again) and to James "Bo" Taylor who never lets up but keeps challenging me to try harder... SGI! To Shirley Oswalt and to Nula who were and are patient with me to Francis Hartwell over at WCU who taught and teaches the Cherokee language where I am glad to say I was enrolled as a student, and, To Tom Belt from OK but also teaching over at WCU, and to my brother Jeremy who learns from several folks and teaches me and challenges me to learn more

and of course, my first words in the language [including my name: tsasuyeda] were taught to me by my dad, who was a speaker and who learned from his mom, Agnes, [whom he said named me] who I'm told, held me and rocked me, speaking and singing to me in the language when I was very young.

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